DataScenarios can help you and your company with the following services.

@fa-user-plus@ Consultancy

Via technical and strategical consultancy DataScenarios can help your company in designing, implementing and solving your data scenarios and is active in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Azure Data Platform
  • Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Microsoft Data Platform
  • Data Science (Data support)

@fa-cogs@ Power BI Custom Visuals

DataScenarios uses Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards that provides the necessary insights and relations to a data scenario. Power BI has a broad set of default visualizations, but can be extended with 'custom visuals'. These visuals can be used if a visual is not available by default or as a specific (corporate) way of visualizing insights.

DataScenarios (Jan Pieter Posthuma) has a couple of public and free-to-use 'custom visuals' published in the Microsoft AppSource catalog.

DataScenarios can create a specific 'custom visual' that helps your company to gain more insights.

@fa-server@ Power BI Embedded

Microsoft Power BI can also be used as reporting module within a (web) application with Power BI Embedded. DataScenarios can help you with planning and/or development resources.

@fa-users@ Workshops

DataScenarios provides in-person training/workshops related to Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Data Platform. This can be, but is not limited to, a custom strategically decision workshop, a classroom training or personal 'hands-on' training.

In addition, DataScenarios also provides public presentations on various parts of the Microsoft Data Platform on mostly community events.

Other services are possible, feel free and use the contact form below and ask for the possibilities.