@fa-server@ Power BI Embedded

Microsoft Power BI is a software-as-a-service analytics solution that gives organizations a single view of their most critical business data. Power BI Reports can be integrated as embed intelligence in customer facing websites or applications using Power BI Embedded.

Schematically view of an application with embed analytics (Power BI)

By enabling Power BI Embedded as a third-party business intelligence service within your website you easily visualize application data, rather than invest in building a custom service yourself.


To allow you to keep focus to your core business, DataScenarios is your one-stop-shop related to Power BI Embedded by:

  • Creating and designing your Power BI Reports
  • Configuring Power BI and user security
  • Providing and provisioning Power BI Licenses
  • Developing customer facing website (landingspage)
  • Embed Power BI Report in customer facing website
  • Power BI Report and Embedded Hosting
  • Customer facing website hosting

If you are interested or have additional questions, feel free to contact us.