Jan Pieter Posthuma

Jan Pieter – a certified (MCSA, MCSP) Microsoft Data Consultant – has helped multiple companies as technical experts in various Microsoft data challenges. Jan Pieter's technical knowledge is always current and applicable within business processes, such as Big Data and IoT.

Besides customer work, Jan Pieter is also active within the
Microsoft Data Platform Community (PASS Nederland) by co-organizing the Dutch SQL Saturday and presenting at local and foreign events.

@fa-building-o@ Project experience

Jan Pieter worked on several projects at different companies. Below is a selection of his achievements:

  • For a company active in charging electric cars, Jan Pieter has helped designing and implementing an Azure data platform architecture. As a result, the company has better insights into the (customer) activities and a stable and future-oriented data platform.
  • To understand the operational risks are correctly mapped for all software applications used, Jan Pieter has designed and implemented a dashboard environment for an international bank.
  • For a company in the automotive branch, Jan Pieter has added additional analytical possibilities to the ongoing BI project to better understand the employability of their vehicle fleet.
  • For an internationally operating maritime company, Jan Pieter has quality tested (QA) the interim deliveries of an outsourcing company. As a result, the quality of the solution delivered is in line with the rest of the solutions within the company.
  • Together with a hosting company, Jan Pieter has designed a new SQL Server platform to consolidate multiple (smaller) data platforms capable of allocating and using the server resources as effectively as possible. This platform has been tested via a proof of concept (PoC) and finally also included in the product catalog.

@fa-microphone@ Presentations

Jan Pieter has given several presentations on community events. Below is a selection of the most current.

  • Extending Power BI With Your Own Custom Visual
    Power BI World Tour, Toronto, @fa-calendar@ 4 October 2017, @fa-globe@ Toronto
  • Hands on with Cortana Intelligence Suite
    Azure Global Bootcamp, @fa-calendar@ 22 April 2017, @fa-globe@ Vianen
  • Extending Power BI via the REST API and Power BI Embedded
    SQLSaturday #551, @fa-calendar@ 15 October 2016, @fa-globe@ Utrecht
  • Power BI Custom Visuals
    SQL Server Days, @fa-calendar@ 11 October 2016, @fa-globe@ Antwerp
  • Extending Power BI via the REST API and Power BI Embedded
    SQLSaturday #541, @fa-calendar@ 17 September 2016, @fa-globe@ Copenhagen
  • Power BI Custom Visuals
    Power BI User Group, @fa-calendar@ 15 September 2016, @fa-globe@ Utrecht
  • Power BI API
    SQLSaturday #434, @fa-calendar@ 26 September 2015, @fa-globe@ Utrecht

@fa-code-fork@ Community projects

Jan Pieter has created and is maintaining several community projects that are publicly available, at no cost. All code is available through onGithub.

  • Box and Whisker chart, Power BI Custom Visual: AppSource
  • Hierarchy Slicer, Power BI Custom Visual: AppSource
  • D3.js Visual, Power BI Custom Visual: AppSource
  • Azure Data Factory, Visual Studio Team Service release tasks: Marketplace
  • Azure Analysis Service, Visual Studio Team Service release tasks: Marketplace

@fa-graduation-cap@ Certifications

  • Microsoft Professional Program: Data Science @fa-link@
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics @fa-link@
  • MSCE: Business Intelligence
  • MSCE: Data Platform

@fa-envelope-open-o@ Contact

De easiest way to contact Jan Pieter Posthuma is via the contact form or email. Jan Pieter Posthuma also has a technical blog.