DataScenarios is a Dutch consultancy company that helps companies with solving their data scenarios. Each data scenario has it's own unique solution to provides better insights.

DataScenarios uses the 'Microsoft Cloud First' principal.

@fa-bar-chart@ Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful and versatile reporting and analytical application which can be used as a 'stand-alone' application or via Poewr BI Embedded within an total (software) solution. DataScenarios uses both methods to gain more insights via reports and dashboards.

Also DataScenarios is specialized in the development and support of Power BI Custom Visuals.

@fa-cloud@ Microsoft Azure Data Platform

A good start of a valuable solution is to gather, store and transform the required source data. To achieve this start DataScenarios uses different components of the Microsoft Azure Data Platform. With the right combination of Azure services, a suitable solution can be found for each scenario.

@fa-circle-thin@ Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite

As a specific framework within the Azure data Platform, Cortana Intelligence Suite is specifically intended to translate (Big) Data into valuable actions using Advanced Analytics, but it can also be used in less complex scenarios. DataScenarios can help in implementing this framework and in combination with other components of the Azure Data Platform it is possible to achieve insights of your company processes.

@fa-flask@ Data Science

Complete and accurate data is essential to make a data Science process successful. DataScenarios operates in the area between data and (data) science and helps to achieving a complete, stable and therefor accurate flow of data that increases a successful outcome of the different Data Science projects and algorithms. DataScenarios can also help in embedding Data Science projects within the main processes.

@fa-database@ Microsoft Data Platform

In addition to the Microsoft Cloud services, DataScenarios also helps with implementing and configuring on-premises solution. DataScenarios uses the different data components of the Microsoft Data Platform, like the SQL Server components Reporting Service and Analysis Services.